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Setting up a business easy made: What to look for it matters!

Starting a business made easy: What matters!

Almost 40,000 companies are founded in Austria every year. However, Austria's small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) are not only economic motors and employers, but unfortunately also the main sufferers of the corona pandemic and the associated "lockdowns".

With this blog post, I deliberately do not want to repeat the negative economic news of the last few weeks, but rather motivate all those who - voluntarily, or - as is unfortunately far too often the case - involuntarily (have to) dare to make a new start in their careers to finally "put their long-cherished dream into practice". Especially in times like these, innovation and foresight are more in demand than ever, as prominent start-ups (e.g.: AliudQ or Streamparty) or the good performance of tech companies impressively demonstrate. In the end, John F. Kennedy's well-known saying is true after all:

"The word crisis in Chinese is made up of two characters - one signifying danger and the other opportunity."

So anyone who wants to take advantage of this crisis or opportunity and set up their own business has a few issues to consider: In addition to business plan preparation, marketing/competition and capital requirements, a multitude of legal issues such as legal form, lease / purchase, social security and taxes, business registration, subsidies, etc. must also be sufficiently taken into account.

The free overview of the legal forms gives you a very first insight into the multitude of design possibilities. The overview is intended to provide a first overview of the effects that the choice of legal form alone can have. So that your dream of self-employment does not come to a quick end, every step should be well-considered...

  • I would be happy to advise you on your company foundation, please contact me without obligation and free of charge at +43 1 9977003 .
    I offer attractive consulting / "fixed rates" for company foundations; I would be happy to discuss the range of services with you in peace (by telephone or in person).

Comparison of legal forms with regard to selected subject areas

Please note that this overview only covers a few (tax) law aspects. In addition, there are a large number of other topics that need to be considered when choosing the legal form (e.g: liability, capital maintenance regulations, subsidies, accounting, etc. etc.), which is why you should always seek legal advice before founding a company.

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